Spring 2016 Fees Due

Invoices and, for those of you with unpaid balances, reminders, have been sent out for Spring 2016. If you have unpaid balances from last year, sorry, there is no simple mechanism to send you your total, you will have to … Continued

New Summer Hockey Night on Wednesdays

For July and August, the executive of the club have paid for pool time at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park starting at 7pm today, July 1st until the end of August. Please come. If you plan to play both Monday … Continued

Summer Fees Due and Hockey only on Mondays.

Invoices for the Summer will be sent out in the next week. If you plan to play, let me know. We will only be at Peter Hemmingway for the summer on Mondays as Kinsmen is Closed Sean.

Two New Pucks Ordered

Two new pucks from CanAmUWHGear.com have been ordered today for the club!  Rejoice.  We got the Red and white “Uni-2” one as shown.

Same Pool, Same Time but in the Competiton Pool

For those not on Facebook, the pool took exception to us playing rugby in the deep tank where “breath holding” is not allowed.  For the rest of our summer contract, they said we could have four lanes in the competition … Continued