All billing for our club is done through this website and you can check your outstanding balances and if your payment(s) to the club have been correctly recorded.  Below are instructions for checking your invoices:


  1. First, bring up the login form by clicking on the drop down at the top right of the website:Clipboard01
  2. Then enter your credentials on the left:
  3. Then check if you have any “Active Invoices”, i.e. unpaid invoice in one of two places:
    1. On the right after logging in:Clipboard04
    2. OR along the right hand side on any page (once logged in)Clipboard08
  4. Because we apply bingo credits to invoices and roll unused credit forward from invoice to invoice the invoices can get complicated, but it is spelled out in the adjustments section of each individual invoice, for example here is a fairly complicated example:Clipboard010
    Here the individual was billed for a typical fall five-month session (Valid in 2014)
    • two nights ($80) each night
    • AUC insurance ($20) in case you get hit and need some extra medical attention
    • flat rate fee ($50)
    • Total $230
  5. Then the adjustments were applied
    • $135 was rolled forward from a previous invoice (likely worked a bingo, only checking the previous invoice will show for sure)
    • $45 was paid by the individual by working a bingo in October
      • Note that “$45 paid in – Worked Caesars Bingo by Sean Donovan” actually means “$45 paid in – Worked Caesars Bingo” was entered “by Sean Donovan”.
    • Total $180 which left $50 unpaid.
  6. You can also look at all your Paid invoices (under the “Active” invoices) to make sure credit was rolled forward correctly and you were charged for the nights you actually played.


We also endeavor to send email notifications when payments are recorded and when invoices haven’t been paid, however the process is a manual one and is sometimes forgotten.  Keeping your email up to date helps is and is also something you can do online via the profile link:Clipboard0111



Please follow up with the treasurer if you have paid the club and you have not gotten an email receipt.